Camden Town - Chas Smash

____Real Name: Carl Smyth

____Nickname(s): Chas Smash

____Date of Birth: 14th January 1959

____Place of Birth: Kent, England

____Joined the Band: In 1976, "The North London Invaders" recruited Smyth to play bass until he was replaced in 1977 by Gavin Rogers. In late 1979, Smyth became the last of the seven original Madness members to join the band. Prior to that he was a friend of the band members and danced onstage at concerts.

____Position Within the Band: Backing singer, occasional lead singer, trumpet player, all-rounder

____Outside of Madness: After Madness broke up in 1986, he formed a new shortlived band, "The Madness", with Suggs, Lee Thompson and Chris Foreman.
__In the early 1990s, Carl became an executive for Go Discs and was responsible for reforming the original Madness in 1992 for "Madstock!".
__During the late 1980s, he became good friends with former Smiths' vocalist Morrissey, who once asked him to be his manager. Smyth declined, claiming "I didn't fancy having to iron his socks". He provided backing vocals on Morrissey's version of The Jam's "That's Entertainment".
__Carl had a small part in Suggs' solo career, co-writing the song "Green Eyes" and appearing in the video for "I'm Only Sleeping".
__Smyth led the folk-influenced band Velvet Ghost, which was most active in the early 2000s.

____Other Personal Info: He currently lives in North London with his children.


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